Texas has 1,541 online degrees from 67 colleges and universities.

Which one’s for you?

Why Pick an Online School in Texas?

Save Money

Getting an online degree from a Texas college or university ensures that Texas residents will receive in-state tuition discounts. Furthermore, you will be eligible for any Texas-based financial aid programs and scholarships.

Career Security

When you earn an online degree from a Texas college or university you can study confidently knowing that the degree is preparing you for relevant Texas licensure or certification requirements. Your instructors will also be in touch with the realities of the Texas job market and current affairs. And, you can enter the job market with a degree from a school employers will know and trust.

Personal Connection

An online Texas degree gives you the opportunity to connect with other Texans. You’ll likely have more in common with your classmates and professors, but more importantly there’s a greater chance for professional relationships after you graduate. After all, you will become a part of an alumni body that shares your culture.

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